Tektronix Digitalmultimeters


SMT provides System Digital Multimeters from Keithley Instruments and Tektronix. The Tektronix DMM´s have 4 standard interfaces ( GPIB, USB, RS232 und LXI ) and very wide current and resistance ranges. The resistance full scale ranges starts from 10 Ohm to 1 GOhm , the current full scale ranges from 100µA to10A. The warranty time lasts 3 years.

Legacy Models Digital Multimeters 4000 Series

  • DMM4020: 5,5 Digit, 1000Vmax, 10Amax, 0,015% DCV-accuracy, RS232/USB
  • DMM4040: 6,5 Digit, 1000Vmax, 10Amax, 0,0035% DCV-accuracy, RS232/USB/GPIB/LAN
  • DMM4050: 6,5 Digit, 1000Vmax, 10Amax, 0,0024% DCV-accuracy, RS232/USB/GPIB/LAN

for detailed technical specifications see pdf datasheet