The DEWESoft company was founded in 2000 in Graz Austria and develops solutions for special measuring tasks that can not be realized with standard products. The products and solutions from DEWESoft complets the product range of SMT harmoniously.

With DEWESoft measurement systems electrical signals can be acquired in a fast and very accurate way. The amount of data is limited only by the hard disk of the computer used in a specific measurement setup. Whether a signal from a temperature sensor, a strain gauge pressure sensor or any other kind of signal source, the software always has a matching linearisation algorhythm to convert an electrical quantity into another physical quantity such as temperature, displacement, pressure or acceleration.
These data can be synchronised with high-speed camera data, infrared images and GPS position signals in one real time x-axis.
Thus DEWESoft systems are ideal for all types of automotive test applications in real environment. Check out some videos on completed applications and see the performance of DEWEsoft Systems.

Main Products

  • Sirius
  • DEWE 43
  • DS-Miniatur
  • DS-Net
  • Dewesoft x
  • DS-cam
  • Krypton