In 1998, the „SMT“ was founded as a consulting and sales center of „Keithley Instruments“ in Vienna. Since then, we did not just sell „products“, but offered complete solutions and took over system responsibility. We have included companies in our sales program that harmoniously fit together and complement each other. In the area measurement of electrical quantities according to the motto „from Nanovolt to Gigahertz“ we have a complete product portfolio.

Represented Companies

  • AMETEK Programmable Power, Supplies and eLoads, AC + DC
  • AC power sources from 500 to 18 000VA, 500V, DC- 5kHz
  • Rugged industrial PCs, PC components and special solutions of CompMall
  • Safety Tester, Hi-Pot Tester, Groundbond Tester by Finero
  • High voltage, high current, Bipolar, Euro cassettes, special network devices of FuG-Elektronik. Exclusively by SMT
  • Oscilloscopes, Signal Sources, Spectrum Analyzers, DC/AC Power Supplies and Loads, Digital Meters and other Meters
  • ADwin REAL TIME data acquisition, control and monitoring systems exclusively by SMT
  • DMMs, SourceMeters, Scanner, Electrometer, pA-Meter, nV-Meter, Parameteranalyzers from Keithley Instruments, Cleveland/USA
  • Waverprober Testsystems from 50 to 300mm. Micromanipulator, RF-Probes up to 110GHz
  • DC programmable power supplies for high power
  • The inventor of the oscilloscope: TEKTRONIX , Oregon/USA
  • Arbitrary generators, amplifiers, signal sources and power supplies by TOELLNER