FuG was established on 1st July 1978 in Rosenheim by Erich Fritz and Gerhard Giebichenstein in the district Langenpfunzen of Rosenheim. From the beginning, the goal was to proudly carry the label “Quality of Rosenheim" in all areas of development, production and distribution of customized high-precision DC power supplies. All FuG devices have a warranty of 2 years. At the beginning of 2022 FuG was bought by the company XP-Power. FuG is exclusively represented by SMT in Austria since 1985.

In the founding year, 15 employees manufactured the first network devices on an area of 250 square meters. At that time, the main customers were universities, research institutes and companies in the high-tech area. In 1987 the manufacturing area was extended to 2,500 square meters with a total of 50 employees. Through continuous specialization and growth in the field of high-precision, low and high voltage power supplies were developed, turning FuG in the following years into a global player with global acceptance. In 2008 FuG had around 70 employees. In the same year it was purchased by Dr. Simon Consulting GmbH and since then belongs, along with its sister company Guth GmbH – High Voltage Technology to the same corporate group. In 2012, a new building with 5000 square meters of space was built. The new location in Schechen, which is in the northern district of Rosenheim, now offers the most modern jobs in all areas of work. The 100 employees as of date, take advantage of the latest software modules for simulation, analysis and design and specific test equipment to ensure durable and reliable FuG power supplies.

Approximately 40% of the FuG employees work in development, design and quality assurance. The company is certified since 1994 according to DIN ISO 9001. All FuG power supplies meet the EU requirements for the CE certification and are designed and manufactured according to customer specification.

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