The Jäger Computergesteuerte Messtechnik GmbH from Germany is a manufacturer and developer of ADwin, the hardware and software for nanosecond accuracy real-time solutions. Engineers and scientists all over the world precisely control time dependent processes with ADwin. For visualization, they simply use a graphical user interface on their PC... We at SMT are more than 15 years the exclusive general representation for ADwin in Austria. We support you for complex control and measurement tasks.

In ADwin systems analog and digital in- and outputs are controlled by an own processor (DSP up to 1GHz). Along with real-time operating system, communication to the PC, driver and operator interfaces and the real-time compiler „ADbasic“, the customer has a compact real-time system for a specific application.

Our customers develop and operate controllers, signal generators, test equipment, machine controls, beam deflections, production meters, microscopes, functional testers to measure and control devices, components, test benches, meters, flow controllers and and and .. with ADwin.
Take advantage of the benefits:

  • ADwin is…. SIMPLY: With our clear job sharing you easily and comfortably solve control projects in your test stands in short time under Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • ADwin is…. MORE: Speed, effectiveness, communication, visualization, transparency, headroom, reliability, support, enthusiasm …
  • ADwin is…. REALTIME: With 300 ns response time you will reach new dimensions in control, measurement and data acquisition under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.