FuG special power supplies & Accessories


In the catalog and data sheets all FuG power supply models are standard products, but they can be modified to a specific application. Thus, the voltage stability is generally defined with 1x10E-4 from full scale value. This stability for example can be improved to 1x10E-5 or even to 2x10E-6 (eg a 10kV output voltage has a stability of ±20mV !!). Electronic lenses, spectrometers, X-Ray reference power supplies, ion implant systems or supplies for superconductivity applications are a small excerpt of possible solutions, we have delivered to satisfied customers.


The NTS series is designed to supply superconducting magnets. This power supplies can work as constant current source for currents up to 10000A. To get out the energy of a magnetic system again, this series of FuG power supplies has an active de-excitation regulation for the magnet coil. This is done by a precisely controllable voltage Level for sink operation. For detailed Model information Series NTS see pdf-Data Sheet at the end of the list.


The Isolation transformers Series HTS from FuG are designed for 47Hz-63Hz, 230V/230V Mains voltage operation. The FuG isolating transformers are available between 100VA and 3000VA for a safe isolation voltage of 50kV between input and output.


With special power supplies or modified units from FuG, applications can be realized, which can not be solved with standard equipment. Whether multichannel outputs, extreme stabilities down to 2x10E-6 or isolated power outputs biased with Kilovolts of HV-potential and much more, we will try to meet your specific application. See a selection of customized devices here. Please contact us for your specific needs and we will develop your solution.

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