Keithley DMM7510 / DMM7512


The Keithley Model DMM7510 combines all the advantages of an accurate digital multimeter with high speed. The digitizer with up to one million samples per second, gives the model DMM7510 unprecedented signal analysis flexibility. The 5-inch capacitive "touch screen display" makes it easy to observe waveforms and to interact. Explore your measurement data with "pinch and zoom". This combination of high performance and ease of use provides unique insights into your test results.

Model Series 7510 / DMM7512

  • DMM7510: 7,5 Digit, 1000Vmax, 10Amax, 14ppm DCV-Basic Accuracy, 1MS/s, 27M Reading Buffer
  • DMM7512: 2-Channel, 7,5 Digit, 1000Vmax, 3Amax, 14ppm DCV-Basic Accuracy, 1MS/s, 27M Reading Buffer, 19″, 1U