GWinstek offers high-precision LCR meters. The 3 series LCR-8200, LCR-8000 and LCR-6000 are designed for a variety of applications such as production testing, QA inspections, design Verification and many more. Reliable operation, accurate results, user-friendly interfaces and automated testing functions make the LCR-Meters from GWinstek for one of the best choices for passive component tests.

8200 Series

LCR-8205A with 7″ Grafikanzeige, 10Hz – 5MHz, RS-232C, USB, LAN, GPIB
LCR-8210A with 7″ Grafikanzeige, 10Hz – 10MHz, RS-232C, USB, LAN, GPIB
LCR-8220A with 7″ Grafikanzeige, 10Hz – 20MHz, RS-232C, USB, LAN, GPIB
LCR-8230A with 7″ Grafikanzeige, 10Hz – 30MHz, RS-232C, USB, LAN, GPIB
LCR-8250A with 7″ Grafikanzeige, 10Hz – 50MHz, RS-232C, USB, LAN, GPIB

6000 Series

LCR-6002 10Hz~2kHz
LCR-6020 10Hz~20kHz
LCR-6100 10Hz~100kHz
LCR-6200 10Hz~200kHz
LCR-6300 10Hz~300kHz

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