Amrel PLA Series


Traditional dc Electronic Load Solutions are bulky and large in size. Most are offered with standard voltage, current and power ratings. In the ATE world, rack space is a highly coveted asset and application demands are constantly diversifying with new technology development. AMREL’s PLA Series of “Air-cooled” dc Electronic eLoads offers the industry’s smallest footprint, the highest power density and current rating, along with the broadest selection of high voltage models on the market. PLA models are capable of being custom-tailored to meet your application requirements.

Key Features

  • Broadest Model Selection: 800W to 7.5kW (higher power available up to 250kW
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  • Exclusive Voltage Models: 10V to 1200V

  • Multiple loads in one: Multiple ranges for voltage,
    current resistance and power

  • Intuitive Front Panel Control: Run sequences, triggers, constant current to constant power cross over