eLoads Series 2380


The eLoads Series 2380 from Keithley Instruments have high stability and accuracy for many applications, where a real load has to simulated. The user may chose between 4 different operating modes (constant -voltage, -current, -power or -resistance) by front panel operation or by program. The load can be pulsed up to 25kHz for dynamic applications. The new Keithley electronic load series 2380 is available in 3 different power levels from 200W to 750W. The maximum currents and voltages are specified with 60A and 500Vdc.


  • 2380-500-15: 1 channel, 200 W power, 15 A current, 500 V voltage
  • 2380-120-60: 1 channel, 250 W power, 60 A current, 120 V voltage
  • 2380-500-30: 1 channel, 750 W power, 30 A current, 500 V voltage