Modell 2280S


The new Keithley 2280S Series are true linear regulated power supplies with very low noise and high current resolution in the Nanoampere range. A built in DMM with 6 1/2 digit resolution allows high accurate and fast measurements ( down to 140us ) from voltage and current. The instruments come with USB-, LXI- and GPIB Interfaces. A sink capability of up to 0,45A for discharging circuits and a graphic display turns this new generation of Keithley power supplies into an indispensable unit for every laboratory.


  • 2280S-32-6: 1 channel, 192 W power, 32 V voltage, 6 A current, resolution 10 nA (!)
  • 2280S-60-3: 1 channel, 192 W power 60 V voltage, 3,2 A current, resolution 10 nA (!)