MPI Systems Accessories


MPI offers a wide range of systems accessories to provide complete test solutions. Diameters from 50, 150, 200 or 300mm, ambient coaxial, triaxial, RF and high power Chucks up to an extended range from -60°C and 300°C temperature range are possible. Diversity in design specific MicroPositioners with unique RF or Kelvin Probe Arms interfacing to many different applications. High current contacts up to 100A, high voltage contacts up to 10kV, but also probe needles for pA- and TRIAX shielded applications are available for all probe stations.

MPI Micro Positioners  for DC and HF Probes (26GHz bis 110GHz)
MPI Microscopes offers state of the art high-power microscopes
MPI TITAN™ Probes from 26 to 110 GHz for measurements on wavers
MPI Prüfnadeln Probe Tips (German)

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