Keithley 7002 Series


The "veteran" of the Keithley scanner line. The switching mainframe model 7002 has 10 free cards slots. Various multiplexer or matrix cards can be installed by the user. Thus, this scanner can be equipped with up to 400 channels per mainframe; a "master / slave" arrangement allows the extension to thousands of channels. The electrical signals to be switched determines the card model. The signal level starts from picoamperes to amps and microvolts to kilovolts. All cards can also be used with the smaller model 7001, which offers 2 slots instead of 10.

Legacy Product – Successor DAQ6510, 3706A

  • 7002: Basic Unit with 10 free slots, GPIB Interface


  • 7011-C: Quad 1×10 Multiplexer card with connector
  • 7011-S: Quad 1×10 Multiplexer card with screw terminals
  • 7011-ST: screw terminal board
  • 7012-C: 4×10 Matrix card with connector
  • 7012-S: 4×10 Matrix card with screw terminals
  • 7013-C: 20 Channel card with connector
  • 7013-S: 20 Channel card with screw terminals
  • 7013-ST: Screw terminal board
  • 7015-C: 40 Channel Multiplexer with Solid State Relays and Connector
  • 7015-S: 40 Channel Multiplexer with Solid State Relays and screw terminals
  • 7018-C: 28 Channel card with 3-pole contact, Connector
  • 7018-S: 28 Channel card with 3-pole contact, screw terminals
  • 7020: Digital I/O Card
  • 7020-D: Digital I/O Card
  • 7035: 9-bank, 1×4 Multiplexer Card
  • 7036: 40 Channel Single Pole Relay Card
  • 7037-D: Single Pole Relay Card with digital I/O
  • 7154: 10 channel HV-Multiplexer, double pole, 1.100V
  • 7158: 2×5 channel pA-Multiplexer with BNC sockets