Keithley Digitalmultimeter Series 2000


The Keithley System Digital Multimeter Series 2000 have 5.5 to 8.5 digit scale lengths and will fit to every application where precision and speed is needed. Some multimeters in this series can be retrofitted later on with a 10 channel switch card to enable multichannel measurements. Standard interfaces such as RS232, GPIB (IEEE488) or USB establish the connection to a PC or programmable logic controller. With the Keithley Digital Multimeter Series 2000 fast measurements with high accuracy and high speed can be performed.

Models Series 2000

  • 2000: 6,5 Digit,  discontinued model – follow up model DMM6500
  • 2001: 7,5 Digit, 10nV-1000V, 10pA-2A, 1µOhm-2GOhm, 0.0024% DCV- Accuracy, RS232/GPIB
  • 2002: 8,5 Digit, 1nV-1000V, 10pA-2A, 100nOhm-2GOhm, 10ppm DCV- Accuracy, RS232/GPIB
  • 2010: 7,5 Digit, 10nV-1000V, 10nA-3A, 1µOhm-100MOhm, 0.0024% DCV- Accuracy, RS232/GPIB
  • 2100: 6,5 Digit, 0.1µV-1000V, 10nA-3A, 0.1mOhm-100MOhm, 0.005% DCV- Accuracy, USB
  • 2110: 5,5 Digit, 1µV-1000V, 100nA-10A, 1mOhm-100MOhm, 0.015% DCV-Accuracy, USB/GPIB

Instruction videos