Picoamperemeter from Keithley Instruments


Picoamperemeters or also called pA-Meters are sensitive amperemeters, which, as the name implies, can measure very low currents. The lowest current range is 2pA full scale with a resolution of 10aA (10E-17A or 10 Attoampere). Looking at the elementary charge of 1,6x10E-19 Coulomb, about 100 electrons are responsible for 1 digit on the display ...
Picoamperemeters are working with current feedback methods. The shunt resistor is in the feedback loop of a differential amplifier. The burden voltage equals the differential voltage of this OP-Amp and is about 200μV. With this technique low currents still can be measured at small voltage potentials of eg. 10mV.


  • 6482: Picoamperemeter, 2 Channels with integrated U-Source
  • 6485: Picoamperemeter, 20mA up to 2nA, 10fA Resolution
  • 6487: Picoamperemeter, 20mA, 10fA Resolution, integrated 500V Source

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