FuG-Series M-Power-Line (MPL)


The M-Power-Line (MPL) has a robust design, high efficiency, compact dimensions and an outstanding price-performance ratio.
With its built in Power Factor Controller (PFC), the input voltage can vary from 100 to 254 Vac. This allows the use of this device anywhere in the world, regardless of the power supply system in the specific country.
With its simple operation and easy readability of relevant parameters (set/actual/status), these power supplies are especially attractive for use in many areas in industry, as well as in research institutes.

Model Series MPL

for detailed Modelinformation Serie MPL see PDF Data Sheets at the bottom of the list
zB.: MPL 200-10000 : M-Power Line Compact Power Supply 200 Watt, 10kV, 20mA, 19″, 2U incl. USB and LAN

  • Possible Voltages in V
    10kV / 30kV / 50kV
  • Possible Power in W
    200 / 500  / 1000