Realtime-Measuring Systems


The Jäger Computergesteuerte Messtechnik GmbH from Germany is a manufacturer and developer of ADwin, the hardware and software for nanosecond accuracy real-time solutions. Engineers and scientists all over the world precisely control time dependent processes with ADwin. For visualization, they simply use a graphical user interface on their PC... We at SMT are more than 25 years the exclusive general representation for ADwin in Austria. We support you for complex control and measurement tasks.

ADwin Hardware Series

For small applications up to 8 analog input channels the ADwin-light-16 is available in different designs. Medium applications with 2×8 analog inputs, analog outputs and digital I/O´s can be solved with ADwin-Gold2 . ADwin-X-A20 is the base for your OEM applications and is used specificly in industrial envirnoments. The free configurable ADwin-Pro-Serie can be assembled according to your specific requirements. The ADbasic real-time Compiler is the common software for all systems.

  • ADwin light-16: ADwin-light Series as PCI-Card, Euro-Modul or modul in an external enclosure with USB or Ethernet
  • ADwin Gold-II: ADwin-Gold Series with analog and digital I/O´s, Counter/Timer and standard interfaces
  • ADwin X-A20: ADwin-X-A20 comes in a rugged metal housing for precise measurements in industrial environments
  • ADwin Pro-II: ADwin Pro-II Series in 19″ rack version with 16 module slots, USB or Ethernet interface

ADwin Software

  • ADbasic: Realtime Compiler for all ADwin systems
  • ADlog: Datalogging software, menu driven and flexible without programming
    for recording, viewing and analyzing large amounts of data for all ADwin systems
  • ADsim: Simulink®-Models to ADwin-Hardware to run for ADwin-Gold II or ADwin-Pro II
  • ADtools: Independent Windows-Programs, with direct access to data, variables, and functions for all ADwin systems